In today's world of advanced malware, malicious Ransomware attacks, and stealthy threats, simply having visibility into the cyber threats affecting your organization is not enough.

Join this webinar to better understand how to keep your company assets – data, devices, email and web – safe and secure one step at a time. Hear about a comprehensive, easy-to-manage security strategy to defend your business, while you focus on growing it.

Learn about:

•    Adopt a 10 Step Security Checklist to safeguard your business

•    Manage security easily with integrated solutions

•    Secure data, devices, customers and employees against the latest email, mobile and web threats

•    Improve security and cut hardware/IT spending with a range of cost-effective solutions: on  premise, SaaS or in the cloud

McAfee Webinar - 10 Step Security Checklist
Wednesday 19 March 2014, 10:30 am - 11:30 am (IST)